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Our Company

A Non-Profit, 501(c)3 Organization created to promote STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) worldwide utilizing the excitement of an around-the-world flight. The pilot in command and creator of Think Global Flight, Captain Judy Rice, is a former Executive Director Youth Education of the Experimental Aircraft Association, former Deputy Director Aerospace Education of Civil Air Patrol, respected educator and seasoned aviator.

The National 4-H Aerospace Curriculum Project hired Rice to produce a series of publications that eventually involved 35 businesses and thousands of pre-college 4-H members. During the 4-H project, Ms. Rice learned to fly and is an instrument rated commercial pilot, an advance ground instructor, and certified flight instructor. She currently has logged almost 3,000 hours in numerous aircraft.

Ms. Rice’s work has taken her to almost all 50 states representing aerospace education. She has numerous awards and accomplishments in her portfolio and is a member of many aviation organizations. She is the proud owner of a Grumman TR2 airplane. Her goal is to share her passion for aviation and her extensive experience with youth and adults worldwide.

To ensure the organization's success, Rice has developed a team of supporters, business leaders, educators and aviation enthusiasts.


International Education Director

JanetsPlanet-ZeroG-300x200Janet Ivey is committed to enriching the lives of children through education and programming. With over 15 years in the media, Ivey has captivated Nashville and beyond with her work and she has received 11 Regional Emmys™ and 5 Gracie Allen Awards for her productions.

Most notably, Janet Ivey has been recognized for her work on Nashville Public Television children’s series “Janet’s Planet, “an interstitial series (currently airing on more than 100+ public television stations) she created. This dynamic and fast-paced series is geared to 6 – 10 year olds and focuses on scientific and historical facts and events. Viewers get to travel at the speed of thought and the interstitials air throughout the day between acclaimed children’s shows like “The Electric Company” and “Curious George.”

In the October 2011 edition of the Nashville Scene’s BEST OF NASHVILLE issue, Janet Ivey was featured as BEST CHILDREN'S TV HOST: JANET IVEY-DUENSING, JANET'S PLANET. Continuing in the vein of outer space information, Ivey released her Exploring Microgravity DVD in partnership with Space Florida to be used by all elementary and middle school teachers and for the state of Florida’s Virtual School curriculum. (Florida Department of Education announced the adoption of Janet’s Planet for use in the September 2009 in the Florida Space Advocate and on June 24, 2011 STEMflorida, Inc. honored Janet’s Planet with the following award: Best STEM Informational Video Targeting Engagement in a Challenged Target Industry Cluster   Janet’s Planet/Space Florida, Inc. - Exploring Microgravity Video.)

Janet’s Planet can also be experienced LIVE via the Janet’s Planet Performing Arts Center Shows.  Playing to packed student audiences; Janet’s Planet takes them on an out of this world adventure in Tour of the Solar System.  After a show in Newark, OH one 2nd grade audience member asked Janet, “Did we really go into space?”  Inspiring exploration is the mission of Janet’s Planet.

Janet is the Assistant Director of the Mother Goose Club, a literacy program targeted for 2-4 year olds that hit the airwaves and Internet in June 2009. Janet is also a producer, writer and host for “Arts Breaks,” a three minute package featuring local art and artists in the Middle Tennessee area for Nashville Public Television.  

Warm and ebullient, Janet Ivey is dedicated to producing quality kid’s entertainment that inspires, enlightens and entertains.


International Education Director

LBradnerNASA20112Lori Beth Bradner is a science instructor for the Central Florida Aerospace Academy of Kathleen High School.  This is her third year teaching at CFAA.  Lori is originally from Flint, Michigan and moved to Florida in 2000.  She is certified K-12 and holds special certifications in Biology, Chemistry, and Integrated Science including Physical Science and Earth/Space and AP Environmental Science.  

Lori has a very diverse background that includes professional performing arts, sales/business, and research science.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Zoology with an emphasis in Genetics from Michigan State University and went directly into a doctoral program in Human Physiology where she served as the curriculum designer/coordinator and faculty member for the Department of Natural Science.

Lori is currently a NASA Endeavor Fellow and is pursuing her Master’s in Educational Administration through Purdue University.  She was named 2010-2011 regional AFA Stem Teacher of the Year and had the honor of being named the 2010-2011 AFA’s National Runner-Up Teacher of the Year winner of the Dr. Carol Denicole Memorial Award.  Lori was also the 2010-2011 Polk County Work Force Education Academic Teacher of the Year.  She is currently the commander of the new Central Florida Aerospace Academy Civil Air Patrol Squadron.  

Ms. Bradner is the Student Command Center’s 1.0 Teacher Admin.


International Media Relations

TGF-John-B-Profile.jpgJohn Braddock lives and breathes aviation loving airplanes his entire life.  He started flying when he was 16 years old earning his private pilot license at the age of 17.  He pursued his career in aviation by attending Purdue University from 2000 to 2003, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation Technology.  While at Purdue, John participated in numerous aviation organizations including Alpha Eta Rho, the Purdue University Flight Team, and Purdue Profession Pilots Club. 

In the later stages of university, John obtained his flight instructor licenses and instructed at both Purdue and Montgomery Aviation in Indianapolis, Indiana until he was hired as First Officer at Chautauqua Airlines on the Embraer 145 aircraft.  Shortly after his 23rd birthday, he upgraded to captain and flew the Embraer 170 where he served until the beginning at 2008 when he made the big decision to accept a first officer position flying the Airbus A330/340 for Emirates Airlines based in Dubai.  Today, John continues his career flying the Airbus A380 to destinations across the globe.

With Aviation in his blood, John was thrilled to join the Think Global Flight team as the International Media Relations.  John has the ability to travel worldwide, and will serve to truly put Think Global Flight in media’s eyes during this historic around the world flight.  Furthermore, John has vast contacts in aviation overseas, and will be a much welcomed addition to the Think Global Flight team in nearly all aspects of their journey and goals.  


National Education Director

Mare-in-T6Marian “Mare” Gilmore is the Vice President of Professional Development at Inspiring Educational SySTEMs. 

Mare received her Bachelor’s degree from Florida Southern College.  

After working 10 years in retail, as a district manager, Mare decided to pursue a Master of Education from Ohio University. While obtaining her degree she worked as a special education classroom teacher working with children with moderate to severe behavior issues.  

Always involved in professional development opportunities to improve her classroom instructional effectiveness, Mare applied to work as a summer teacher counselor at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center’s Space Academy for Educators in Huntsville, AL, after which she was immediately offered a full time position as an Education Programs Manager.  After three years in this position, Mare was promoted to the Director of Education for the U.S. Space & Rocket Center (USSRC) and Space Camp where she worked until 2011.  This position included management of the Space Academy for Educators Program, as well as curriculum development, workshop implementation, and staff training for all youth and adult space camps and the USSRC museum.  Mare also helped create a satellite Space Camp for Educators in Polk County, FL.

Mare then transferred to Director of Education at the Lied Discovery Children’s Museum in Las Vegas, NV. In this position she developed and implemented museum and youth camp programs, also securing a large NASA grant for the museum’s summer camp program during this time.  

Mare has conducted educational programs throughout the nation at schools, community/museum workshops, and local/state/national conferences for students, teachers, and the public.


National Education Director

Lisa-BaconLisa Bacon, Skye Bleu Consulting, has been involved in the aerospace education field for over 15 years as a program manager for STEM K-12 programs.  Her expertise is in creating experiences for teachers and students that inspire motivate and connect the classroom to the real world applications of science, technology, engineering and math.  Her journey began when she questioned a geometry teacher in middle school about why she had to learn geometry and the answer was, "Because I said so, now sit down." Her passion is making sure that no child ever gets that answer again. 

From designing events for students and teachers to connect space in the everyday world, to working with engineers sharing their knowledge and excitement in a grade level appropriate way, and hosting 7 exemplary K-12 teachers in Washington, DC, Lisa has found a way to be the catalyst to connect people and experiences that are unforgettable.
The journey continues as she has met her heroes that inspire her to do more- and is excited for sharing the Think Global Flight mission and passion about STEM education using the BEST platform in the world, an airplane.


Subject Matter expert (SME)

BCpic-300x224Bruce S. Campbell served in the United States Air Force from 1962 to 1984 moving up in the weather career field from weather observer to weather forecaster and then as weather station chief.  In 1994, Bruce started BMS Weather, Inc., a weather forecasting service.  He taught middle and high school science, math, and geography from 2001 – 2006.  Bruce is a long-time, dedicated volunteer in the youth education area each year during the Sun ‘n’ Fun air show. He volunteers each fall at the Wings ‘n Things event held in Lakeland, Florida on the Sun ‘n’ Fun facility.  He serves as volunteer each year at the Florida Governors Hurricane Conference and served on the Commercial Weather Services Association Board of Directors for over 5-years.

Mr. Campbell has an Associate in Applied Science, weather technology; Bachelor in Psychology; and a MPA Urban, State, Federal Governance and Environmental Management.


Subject Matter expert (SME)

Lynda-and-GS-150x150Lynda Meeks is the Founder and Executive Director of Girls With Wings, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization using women in aviation as role models to inspire girls to achieve their full potential. She has been a pilot for over eighteen years and remains truly passionate about flying. Over a decade ago, she started to channel her energy and enthusiasm for aviation into founding a volunteer organization with community outreach and public awareness efforts to nurture self confidence in girls and to motivate them to pursue various aviation careers later in life.

Girls With Wings, Inc. (GWW), encourages girls to develop an interest in aviation through early introduction to aviation careers by means of  specialized presentations in educational and aviation-based venues.  GWW program has been presented to over three thousand girls at schools, Girl Scout groups,  career days, etc.   It’s is an introduction to “everything” a pilot needs to know in order to complete  a flight.   

The mission is to illustrate students can comprehend  anything, achieve any feat, and even fly a plane if they   just put their minds to it.  For more information visit   Girls With Wings web site located on the Support page.


Outreach Specialist

tamara seamanTamara Seaman's
  love for creativity and art lead her to an early career in graphic design.  When she met her husband of now twenty five years, he introduced her to the world of photography.  It was a perfect fit as she was finally able to add photos into her artwork.  The digital photography era brought much change and advancement in her career.  Tamara ended up being hired to work for the Disney Company in Orlando, Florida as a professional photographer and trainer. She remained in that role for close to six years.  2012 brought positive changes to her career as she was hired into the Special Events area of the company. She currently works with clients with events that range from weddings to large company events at Disney. Tamara is also a website designer who has designed numerous websites for both non-profit organizations and small businesses. 
Tamara served over five years as a U.S. Naval Sea Cadet officer.  She has conducted several National photojournalism trainings teaching young people the basics of photojournalism and telling a story through pictures.  She has an avid desire to teach young people creative skills and encourages them that anything is possible when they set their minds to achieve their dreams in life.  She has worked in numerous youth programs and served as a mentor to young people.  
Though she considers her career to be a very important area of her life, there is an area that is the most important to her, the role of wife and mother.  Tamara is wife to Keith for over twenty five years and the mother of six children.  Recently, her oldest daughter blessed her with a new title, the title of grandmother.  Tamara considers her family to be the most important thing to her life and the purpose for all that she does.
Tamara's goal for her involvement with Think Global Flight is that she would be able to offer her skills and abilities to help further the success of this interactive learning adventure. Tamara strongly feels, "We can all make a difference in our world.  All that it takes is for each one of us to consciously make a decision to reach out to others using what talents and abilities that we each have. As we do this, we will see the change that each one us yearns for. That is the beauty of Think Global Flight. While aviation is the medium being used to carry the message, the core objective is to come together and be the change that will make a difference in our world."


Keith Seaman  PhotoKeith Seaman heard about the vision of Think Global Flight in 2012. Since that time he has been working closely with Think Global Flight and Captain Judy. He serves as the Corporate Wealth Adviser for Think Global Flight. “To be able to be a part of such beneficial project is quite exciting and one that I am very proud to support.”
Keith fell in love with aviation at a young age as he would often times lay in his backyard staring up at the airplanes that flew overhead. By the age of 20, Keith was working at the Baer Field Airport in Fort Wayne, Indiana and pursuing his dream to become a pilot. Obtaining his private rating in 1976, Keith continued his love for aviation as a Private Pilot. Through the years, his quest to pursue higher and grater things has not diminished. Keith has been actively involved in the the corporate business world working with such companies as Pepsico, Nextel, Sprint and the Disney Company.
Recently, Keith retired from working with the Disney Company in Orlando, Florida where he served as Operations Support at the Fort Wilderness Campground. His strong people skills and love to provide above and beyond service afforded Keith the opportunities to work with a vast and diverse group of people. During his career with the Disney Company, he attended and participated in numerous Leadership Courses.
Over the years, Keith has also had the opportunity to travel with his family to Central America, living in Belize and in El Salavador. He was instrumental in producing an English version radio and TV broadcast for the purpose of raising funds during the devastation of Hurricane Mitch. Humanitarian interest is an important reason of what lead Keith to become an advocate for Think Global Flight as he realized the great potential that this project has to not only to share the topic of aviation education, but to also bring our world together in other ways.
Other interests include, serving as an Ensign for the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps where he helped to develop National training programs, assisted in fund-raising and assisted in communications as the Operations Officer.
Keith is an avid fan of HAM Radio and is actively involved in his local community as an Amateur Radio Operator (KJ4WFR).


Subject Matter expert (SME)
Lonnie.GYROSCOPE-300x202Lonnie Schoreris internationally known for her work with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).  Her fascination with exploration and the freedom of flight led her to look skyward, first as a skydiver and then as a private pilot and space advocate. Believing in the pursuit of visionary goals and new frontiers, as head of design for the new-concept 43,000-ton shipboard community at sea - the World of ResidenSea - and as director of Global Space Travelers, a subsidiary of ShareSpace, with Dr. Buzz Aldrin, Lonnie believes that the future of space travel - with rocket ship shuttles ferrying people and supplies and docking at destination spaceports - could be successfully modeled on the cruise ship industry.

Four grandsons got her thinking about “to infinity and beyond,” and that led to the continuing development of the Kids to Space project, with its goal of supporting teachers and inspiring kids to think about tomorrow and their future in aerospace careers.

The Kids to Space project began in the classroom in 2005 as a way to inspire students not to give up on science and math. Via an imaginary trip to the moon, children from 99 schools from every state in the US and Canada asked 18,000 questions about going to space. They also submitted their visions of America’s or the world’s future in space, as well as illustrations about traveling to or living in space.

The body of information resulted in three books: Kids to Space: A Space Traveler’s Guide (published 2006), Kids to Space Mission Plans: An Educator’s Guide (published 2008 - 94 lesson plans, to national standards, for grades 5-8), and Kids to Space Club: Are We There Yet? (published 2010) The first two books have been given the National Science Teachers Association Recommends award. Since authoring the books, Schorer has spent time in classrooms, motivating students (particularly girls who lack confidence in their ability to succeed in STEM) and in conference workshops, teaching teachers.  

In 1997, 2007, 2010 Schorer was a member of The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery's (TIGHAR) Earhart team to Nikumaroro in the South Pacific. From her historic place in history, Earhart continues to inspire young people to have the courage to follow their dreams.


Student Command Center Educator/Teacher Team Leads

neme with R2-225x300Neme Alperstein has been a NYC public school teacher for over 24 years and is also a doctoral student at Hofstra University focusing on STEM in education.  She teaches at the William Sidney Mount School in the borough of Queens.

Ms. Alperstein is the recipient of NASA’s  2010 Excellence in Teaching Award recognizing the innovative use of technology within their curriculum by the NASA Office of the Chief Informational Officer.

Neme is a recognized NYC Teacher of the Year, a recipient of numerous grants, and a Master Teacher for WNET-TV’s National Teacher Training Institute.  She generates excitement within her students toward the love space science through NASA’s educational resources  Neme and her students have won numerous technology awards including the design of educational web sites and podcasts on space exploration.



Student Command Center Educator/Teacher Team Leads

Doesey2-300x223WizKidzActionPhoto-300x204Rayshun Dorsey is the founder and president of WizKidz Science and Technology Centers,a Georgia 501(c)(3)Non-Profit organization that develop learning centers designed to offer STEM driven, K-12 pre-college learning structures designed to outline concepts that are important in the understanding of science, technology, engineering and math.

Elected as a NASA Solar System Ambassador in 2007, Mr. Dorsey has spearheaded countless STEM related collaborations to include Shadow for a Day(SFAD) and more recently-AroPability with the Human-Automation Systems Lab at Georgia Tech; He has designed and implemented Project S.T.E.A.D.Y (Science Technology and Engineering Academy for Disabled Youth) along with numerous STEM based workshops for Center for the Visually Impaired and National Federation of the Blind of Georgia; Mr. Dorsey is also the Founder of the Bessie Coleman Aviation Club for Girls in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Rayshun has designed and implemented “Flight Day” with the Environmental Aviation Association chapter 690 and Implemented Signatures in Space in collaboration with Lockheed Martin and a number of Atlanta Public Schools Deaf and Hearing Impaired departments and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite.  He also held the title of Executive Camp Director for the ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Science Summer Camp at Ga. Tech in 2009 and is currently the Regional Coordinator for Georgia for the Botball Robotics tournament. Rayshun has also collaborated with BPC-PC2Main to organize summer camps in Georgetown University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Morehouse College.  Dorsey has extensive knowledge in STEM curriculum design with numerous APS schools adopting his curricula for high school and middle school students.

Rayshun has introduced his WizKidz program in collaboration with institutions such as Tuskegee University, Morehouse College, Spelman College, Case Western Reserve University, Townson University, University of Notre Dame, Emory University, and the Georgia Institute of Technology.   He has published two international publications on the effectiveness of STEM resources in underrepresented populations and students with disabilities.  Mr. Dorsey has recently collaborated with the Autism Society of America of Georgia and the SPECTRUM Autism support group to design and implement AutiSTEM, a science and technology driven program designed to engage students from the mild to high spectrum of Autism.


Student Command Center Educator/Teacher Team Leads -200x300Pam Leestma teaches 2nd grade at Valley Christian Elementary School in Bellflower, CA. Teaching for 37 years, Pam incorporates her love of space science into her curriculum using NASA resources and technology and is involved in community outreach. Among them is being on the Board of Directors for the Columbia Memorial Space Center in Downey, CA, which provides simulations and hands on activities in space science, flight, and robotics.  She was a part time flight director at the Challenger Learning Center in Carson, CA. She has spoken at local and national teacher conferences promoting space science education.

In 2005 Pam enjoyed a promotional flight in a MiG 21 provided by the “Teachers in Space” program, which is working with many of the new spaceflight companies in hopes of giving teachers the experience of sub orbital flights so they can bring back their experiences to the classroom. In 2006, she wrote the answers to children’s space related questions for the “Education” chapter in the published Kid’s to Space: A Space Traveler’s Guide by Lonnie Schorer, our Education Advisor, She later helped to write lesson plans for the companion book, Kid’s to Space Mission Plans: An Educator’s Guide.

Pam and Neme Alperstein have collaborated since 1998 connecting their students using Skype and NASA’s Digital Learning Network activities, which culminates in a videoconference with a NASA expert. Their students also followed, researcher, Dr. Bonita Coleman’s Earthwatch Institute “Live from the Field” project while she was in Vietnam studying butterflies.  This National Geographic funded project had Dr. Coleman using a satellite phone and the Internet to connect with the students sharing her progress. Upon her return a virtual Butterfly party was enjoyed, coast-to-coast via Skype.
The highlight of her many space education adventures, was on May 12, 2008 when her students in Bellflower and children from New York City shared in a NASA downlink from the International Space Station. Collaborating with Bellflower City Hall and using a big screen at their facilities, US Astronaut Garrett Reisman answered questions live of her 2nd and 6th grade Buddies and their New York friends.

Pam was one of five private school teachers in the nation to be awarded the 2008 National American Star of Teaching Award given in Washington DC by the US Department of Education.  In 2010 Pam and Neme jointly won the first NASA Excellence in Teaching Award which earned Pam another trip to Washington DC to receive it.   NASA published the book Wings in Orbit in 2011, which is a comprehensive account of the 30 year Space Shuttle program.  Pam and Neme were ask to write a chapter for it from a teacher’s point of view of how NASA education has impacted education and what is the future for human space flight.

Her cousin is Astronaut David Leestma who has flown in the Space Shuttle three times.


Subject Matter expert (SME)

Rich.M.Weather-300x225Richard Mamrosh was born in 1960 approximately one and a half miles from La Guardia Airport in New York City.  His interest in meteorology began as a young person fascinated by the big East Coast Snowstorms affecting New York and New England.  Rich’s fascination with aviation was instilled by his parents, who met while working for American Airlines. 

In 1987, Rich graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor’s Degree in Meteorology. He has worked for the National Weather Service (NWS) for 23 years, at locations in Burlington, Vermont, Buffalo, New York, Chicago, Illinois and Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Over 20 years of his service with the NWS, he has been involved with aviation weather forecasting and training, including collaborative projects with the airlines, Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), FAA, and NASA.


International SCC Student Team Lead

jessica seamanJessica Seaman’s love of flying was instilled in her at a very early age by her father who is a private pilot.  Her earliest memories were those of going to the airport and watching the planes fly overhead. It was at this time in her life that Jessica determined that she would one day fly.  
At the age of just ten-years of age, Jessica joined the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corp.  She was one of the youngest cadets to attend and graduate from the Admiral Farragut Navy League Orientation at that time.  After completing her first training, she quickly went off to a one-week advanced training which was Basic Airmen at the Florida Institute of Technology.   It was there for the first time that Jessica climbed into the cockpit of a U.S. Navy Helicopter.  Jessica remembers that day well.   “As we lifted off of the ground, I will never forget the freedom that I felt.  It was an indescribable sensation.  We flew over the ocean and I remember seeing the shadows of the sea creatures below.  I knew then that this would be only the beginning of what would develop into a passion for me.”
Her interest in aviation led her to the Central Florida Aerospace Academy.   Entering as a sophomore student, she concentrated on a career track that would best equip her for Aerospace and Aviation.  During this year, Mrs. Lori Bradner, Jessica’s biology teacher became not only a great inspiration to her encouraging her to reach for her dreams, but she also became her mentor.  It was in the Spring of 2012 while volunteering at the annual Lakeland Sun n Fun Fly-in, that Jessica was introduced to Captain Judy Rice and Think Global Flight.  “When I met Captain Judy, I could tell there was something that was special about her.  We shared a common passion, aviation and the desire to inspire others sharing the message that anything is possible when we dare to reach for our dreams.”   
Along with Jessica's desire to fly comes her desire to write.  She considers herself to be an aviation journalist who loves to write about anything aviation oriented.  She is the creator of Masters of, a website that is dedicated to writing about those that are making a difference in the aviation world today.  She is a noted award winning essay writer as well. 
Jessica serves on the board for the Lakeland Aero Club as the Media Director and works at the Florida Air Museum where she shares with those that visit the history of aviation.  She is a volunteer with the youth programs for Sun n Fun.  Other activities that Jessica participates in include, being the flight commander for the CFAA Civil Air Patrol Fl- 466, a member of the National Honor Society, CFAA Junior Class Representative for student government and a member of the National Nobel Scholars Association.  Jessica is currently a student pilot and earning her private pilot’s license.  She plans to one day become a corporate jet pilot.
Jessica is excited to be working along-side Captain Judy Rice and Think Global Flight for the upcoming adventure in 2013.  “To be able to share the passion of aviation with those across the nation and across the world is something that I consider to be very important.  Not only are we bridging the barriers that sometimes separate us, but we are learning to come together to share a common interest.  When we do this, we not only learn from each other valuable lessons, but we make a positive impact on our world as a whole.”


International SCC Student Team Lead

Think Global Flight PhotoKeith Minerva loves everything about aviation. He currently attends a magnet school in the Jacksonville Florida area learning about aviation. His future goal is to fly helicopters on an aircraft carrier. He plans to attend an aviation college while earning his pilot’s license.  After graduating from college he will join the United States Coast Guard.


Think Global Flight Mascot - Skye Bleu

Skye-BleuSkye Bleu is delighted to be representing NCASE and Think Global Flight and can hardly wait for what the future has in store!

Skye was born in Kitty Hawk, NC and it is no coincidence that she shares her birthplace with the birthplace of powered flight, by Orville and Wilbur Wright in 1903.  She is considerably younger than that first flight, but her mission to excite and educate kids of all ages about why Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M.) is important and relevant to everyday life is a continuation of the excitement that Orville and Wilbur generated over 100 years ago. 

She and her fellow mascots. Fuzz Aldrin and Camilla Corona started their adventures with a dream to go to space, therefor the BTS-1 mission was created.  These fine mascots launched from Houston,TX in  a space weather balloon.  Due to a miscalculation in the weight of the payload, they sailed into the Florida Everglades, where they were lost for several days!  Thousands of followers were mesmerized as their story blasted-off over the internet. They were soon rescued and proved that the power of social media is amazing.

Skye’s first solo trip was with a Girl Scout troop to Savannah, GA, the birthplace of Juliette Low, the founder of the Girl Scouts.  These bright young women showed Skye that you can live any dream and have fun doing it.  

Skye has had many adventures of her own as the S.T.E.M. Emissary for AIAA.  She flew again on the VA Tech VTATE balloon, experienced the forests of NC, had a VIP visit to the Detroit Metro Airport, traveled as an observer to an international meeting on aircraft emissions, flew with Captain Judy Rice on a preliminary test flight through the middle east for Think Global Flight, visited to the US Force Academy, where she met NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden and Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper.  In addition, she has brought her "backstage" view of NASA Johnson Space Center, the National Air & Space Museum, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, and the launch of the Ladee mission to her followers on Facebook.

Skye's "Mom" is Lisa Warner Bacon, a S.T.E.M. Aerospace Educator for over 17 years.  As the S.T.E.M. K-12 Outreach Program Manager for AIAA, Lisa was involved in finding creative ways to reach teachers and students using the power of aerospace to make math and science come alive and jump off the textbook into their lives.  Education Alley, an interactive exhibit for the space industry exposed thousands of students to the career opportunities and real world connections of science and math to their classroom.  Follow Skye's adventures on her Facebook page titled: Skye Bleu. The future holds many more adventures and opportunities so make sure that you check in often.
As Skye says, "With the right equipment, anyone can fly!"  Don't doubt that this little piglet is flying into the hearts and minds of many as she continues to spread the word about the wonders of S.T.E.M. education.