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TOPIC: Checking in with all of you! :-)

Checking in with all of you! :-) 6 years 11 months ago #97

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I trust that this communication finds you all well and progressing well in the school year! It is hard to believe that we are already so far into the school year and before we know it, we will be welcoming 2013!

With that being said, it is important that we work together NOW to prepare the the upcoming Think Global Flight. adventure and help Captain Judy with her team to make this the success that it promises to be.

I need for our lead students across the nation and the world to pull together and seriously begin to research our four areas of interest. To remind you what these are:


-Research and coordinate with the Performance SCCs to determine how the performance of the Cirrus SR-20 G3 will affect the flight’s carbon footprint.

-Explore ways ThinkGlobal Flight might provide a positive carbon footprint; ways to decrease negative carbon footprint.

-Investigate specific countries with Green Technology projects ThinkGlobal Flight might visit along the route.
Research friendly Green Technology fuels and determine if the Cirrus SR-20 G3 is capable of using this fuel.
Coordinate with the International Relations SCCs and the Flight Planning SCCs, determining where the Cirrus SR-20 G3 can locate the fuel required for this airplane.


-Research the differences in flight rules around the world and how that will affect the route of flight.

-Determine the Minimum Enroute Altitudes (MEA) along the route.

Work with other SCCs to determine if the Cirrus SR-20 G3 can reach the required MEAs, if not, analysis and record alternative routes.

-Determine airports of entry along the route.

-Measure distances along the route and coordinate with the Performance SCCs to determine if the Cirrus SR-20 G3 has the range to fly each segment of the route (called a ‘leg’).

-Working with the other SCCs, determine if the Cirrus SR-20 needs modified to make the longest ‘leg’.
Research how the Cirrus SR-20 G3 can be modified for the fuel required.

-Explore if ThinkGlobal Flight needs permission to modify the airplane.

-Document the rules, if different for flying a modified an aircraft in other countries.


-Research the countries along the ThinkGlobal route to determine entry requirements.

-Investigate the cultural differences of each location of SCCs.

-Collaborate with each international SCCs for the differences in education systems, the learning requirements, and how student success is determined.

-Examine and prepare a concise report for the ThinkGlobal flight crew each country of arrival.

-Explore international aviation and space organizations similar in each country (i.e.: AOPA, EAA, Ninety Nines, NASA Education Branch, and so on) Include aviation and space organizations specific to each country.


-Using international weather sources, to help determine the best route to fly based on local seasonal weather, such as monsoons and tornados.

-Research global wind patterns for the best route, altitudes, and time of year to fly.

-Investigate the average temperature and humidity for each country along the ThinkGlobal Flight route.

-Coordinating with the other SCCs, determine if assigned an airplane and based on weather factors such as heat, humidity, cold, and ice what performance information must the ThinkGlobal Flight crew have to make the flight.

-Measure the shortest distance to cross the Atlantic Ocean; the Pacific Ocean. Can the ThinkGlobal Flight go from continent to continent or must they island hop?

-Examine with the Green Technology SCCs how much extra fuel would the ThinkGlobal crew will need to make it on the longest part of the route.

I understand that all of us are busy with all of our day to day activities. I myself have been actively pursuing my Private Pilots license and have been flying almost every day. So if we all work together, and do our little bit, it will all come together to make a huge contribution to this exciting educational opportunity.

Please if you have questions, if Keith and I can be of assistance, contact us. That is our job and that is what we are here for. If we dont know the answers, then we will pursue them so you will have the answers you need.

Thanks for ALL OF YOUR help and PARTICIPATION. We are looking forward to hearing from you in the very near future.

Regards and remember..."the Sky is JUST the Beginning",

Jessica "Jessie" Seaman
International Lead Student - THINK GLOBAL FLIGHT

"The Sky is Just the Beginning"
Encourage - Inspire - Motivate
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