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Join other industry leaders on this significant endeavor, including some of our top level donors: Cirrus Aircraft, Garmin, AOPA, Jeppesen, Signature Flight Service, SpiderTracks, Michelin Aircraft Tire, Sennheiser, iFlightPlanner, Air Journey, Guidance Aviation, Abingdon Co., AVweb, and Aerox Oxygen Systems.   We have reached 90% of our fund-raising goals!
Think Global Flight is recognized by the FAA and US Department of Education for its real world application to learning. There are currently over 20,000 students participating across the globe in 25 countries and 31 U.S. States.   

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About Think Global Flight

 We promote the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (S.T.E.M.) education and the boundless opportunities in aviation and aerospace industries worldwide. This international in-flight effort will cultivate and promote a greater awareness and interest in S.T.E.M. in classrooms by way of an around-the-world flight of adventure taking off in April of 2014.


ThinkGlobal Team on their journey around the Earth.

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